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The AirDog® Fuel Preporator® removes various contaminates, including entrained air/vapor, particulates and moisture, and removes excess fuel not needed by engines, allowing the fuel to flow...More Details »
AirDog II-4G
The advanced 4G technology offers protection and performance like never before! Our patented air separation, along with a water separator and fuel filter makes sure your expensive injection system...More Details »
Factory Replacement Raptor Pumps
The Factory Replacement Raptor ® Pump (also known as the FRRP) offers efficient fuel delivery with improved flow rates and an increase in performance for the 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins. This...More Details »
Raptor 4G Lift Pumps
The Raptor-4G Lift Pump provides more fuel than stock for all your performance needs! The Raptor-4G is our entry level fuel system that delivers performance on a budget. This pump is fully...More Details »
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Diesel Rx
DieselRx® manufactures and supplies glow plugs, both metal sheath and open coil type, and glow plug controllers for most major brands and diesel engine manufacturers worldwide. DieselRx® is the...More Details »
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