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AirDog® and AirDog® II FAQ

How do I find a dealer?

The link to the Find a Dealer page is located near the top of every page, just below the Toll-Free number.

What kits will require dropping the tank or installing a suction tube?

All AirDog® 150, AirDog® II 200 Systems and AirDog® II 165 Dodge Systems

Any truck that is equipped with an in tank fuel pump will require a suction tube or module upgrade kit.

What pump do I need for my truck?

AirDog® and AirDog® II 100 units are recommended for up to 500 horsepower.

AirDog® 150 and AirDog® II 165 units are recommended for horsepower up to 800.

AirDog® II 200 units are recommended for anything that exceeds 1000 horsepower.

I daily drive my truck and it is only 300 horsepower. Will running an AirDog® 150 or AirDog® II 165 hurt anything?

No it will not hurt the pump. But it could cause you headaches down the road. Running way too much fuel to an injection pump that can't handle it can cause an increase in fuel pressure, which on some trucks could cause damage to that injection pump and possibly cause it to fail. Running a pump to fit your horsepower is suggested and will help keep you away from small potential issues.

What is the difference between the AirDog® 100 and AirDog® 150?

Physically there are no differences. The units are the exact same size. The AirDog® 100 is a 2000 r.p.m. motor and has a flow rate of 100 gallons. The AirDog® 150 uses a 3000 r.p.m. motor and has a flow rate of 150 gallons per hour. Also, depending on the application, the actual installation on the vehicle will differ as well. For Dodge trucks with an in-tank fuel pump, both the 100 and 150 systems will require you to drop the tank and install a suction tube.

I have a Ford truck that I have put a Cummins engine in. What kit do I need?

With all unique truck builds. It is possible to need a miscellaneous part or two. When picking one of our products to fit your truck. You will need to get the kit that fits the engine for what you are running. Example: 2005 Ford with a 2005 Cummins CR engine. You will use a kit for a 2005+ Dodge and simply hook the relay trigger lead to the fuse box for key on power.

Do I only have to use AirDog® filters

NO. You can cross our filters over to Napa, Wix, Baldwin, CAT and many others.

What is the difference bewteen and AirDog® and AirDog II®?

The AirDog II® aside from having the adjustable regulator, the pump and base assemebly are designed different internally. The pump assembly has a Dual Inlet design allowing more fuel to flow into the Gerotor, this allows the pump to increase volume without having to work any harder. The base on the AirDog® II is also much different. Internally the fuel is redirected through passageways after being presurized, this allows less fuel to be returned to the tank and more fuel to be held in the filters for a true "On Demand" system. These few differences is what sets the AirDog® II into a class of it's own.

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