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Common Diesel Engine Problems

AirDog® Fuel Air Separators help diesel engines in a variety of ways, including providing better fuel delivery by removing air, water, particulates and vapor from the fuel. This helps maintain an optimal fuel flow and improves fuel economy, and helps increase transfer pump life (in Class 8 semi trucks). AirDog® products also improve throttle response, and boosts the horsepower of diesel engines for maximum performance.

In addition, our sister company's DieselRx™ Glow Plugs / Glow Plug Controllers help with problems such as Sluggish Cold Starts or Unreliable Cold Starts by heating up and reaching engine operating temperature faster. This maximizes the efficiency of your diesel engine and helps it perform better on those cold days. Visit the DieselRx™ site for more information.

DieselRx™ also offers Pump Mounted Drives / PMDs that are better insulated, compared to standard equipment, and provide better protection from heat and changes in temperature. This greatly reduces the common problem of PMD failure. Again, see the DieselRx™ web site for more information.

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