Reliable Fuel Delivery From the Start

Yes it is that time once again to celebrate the season of diesel with the 2015 Diesel Rx Fuel Sump Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a fuel sump manufactured by Diesel Rx®. Not sure if the Diesel Rx® Fuel Sump is right for you? Read on my friend! Ready to enter for your chance to win? Fill out this survey to be automatically entered into the giveaway,  Click Here! Did you know that inadequate fuel flow can stop you in your tracks? Inadequate flow rates start at the tank. With most diesel pick-ups using the draw straw method of collecting diesel fuel from the tank and dispersing it to the engine, the problem starts right from the beginning. The issue at hand, draw straws work by using suction to pull or lift fuel from the tank. The Diesel Rx Fuel Sump alleviates this initial problem and delivers fuel to an aftermarket fuel system.

Three Key Factors that Affect Flow rates at the Tank

1: Gravity 2: Quarter Tank Starvation 3: Daily Driving

The Gravity of the Situation

Gravity is a great for many things, however fuel flow and delivery is not one of them. This illusive thing can wreak havoc on your trucks ability to source fuel from the tank. The reason is that pulling fuel upward verses down is working against gravity, which goes against all functionality. When a diesel pick-up truck has to pull fuel from the tank by means of a draw straw the truck has to work much harder. Under this type of strain it forces wear and tear on the engine and internal truck components.

It’s a Tough Road to the Top

Have you ever had your truck stall or even completely die when you still had fuel in the tank? This is most commonly known as Quarter Tank Starvation and can be caused two ways. The first is from sloshing in the tank. Sloshing does not allow enough fuel to be pulled through the draw straw. The second cause of quarter tank starvation is daily driving such as climbing hills, hard acceleration, or in some cases hitting bumps in the road. At this point the diesel fuel is forced to the back of the tank leaving your truck sucking air. In this moment your diesel is literally starved for fuel. Frustrating, yes I know!

Just Drive

Diesels have strength and power, but fuel delivery can act like an Achilles heel, because no matter how powerful the engine or the amount of aftermarket performance modifications, it is fuel that makes the truck thrive. When diesel fuel is slowed, stopped, or limited this can have dire consequences. With the Diesel Rx Fuel Sump every drop of fuel is collected and working with gravity causes less strain on the engine and truck components.

The 2015 Diesel Rx Fuel Sump Giveaway

We are pumped (no pun intended!) for the 2015 Season of Diesel and to share our excitement we are offering all the reliability of the Diesel Rx Fuel Sump for free. What does it take to win? Well I am glad you asked! Fill out the this survey and you will automatically be entered to win. It’s as simple as that! One winner will be picked September 23th. Want to know more about the Diesel Rx Fuel sump? Check out our blog.   Join the conversation by sharing your story about quarter tank issues and improper fuel flow. If you like this blog post please share!