Two Times the Wins at the Diesel Power Challenge

I live for the smell of diesel in the morning! It is day 1 of the Diesel Power Challenge and among the hoots and hollers come the familiar sounds of diesel engines—that unique vibration of metal and power. With the players ready it is time to start the competition.

Who will dominate at the 2015 Diesel Power Challenge?

This week long event, located in Colorado, is a gut wrenching challenge aimed at testing the strength and agility of the competitors and their trucks. This year the annual diesel event is stacked high with diesel enthusiasts armed with a wide range of modifications and big aspirations. Among the competitors are some familiar trucks and faces. But, each competitor—returning or new to the competition—is hoping that their rig will bring fame, glory, and a first place prize. Among the list of contenders, two of our very own are hungry for the win. Lavon Miller and Rick Fox are ready to go with the AirDog® II-4G.

Lavon Miller

For two years in a row this racing master has lead the charge at the Diesel Power challenge. In 2014, Lavon Miller proved his salt on the track by beating out the DPC competition with his Cummins Diesel. This year, Lavon entered the competition in hopes of reclaiming the first place title. Did he succeed? Of Course! Lavon Miller has now claimed the first place prize at the DPC and enters the realm very few individuals can boast to have achieved.

What’s New with the Winning Dodge?

Not to be outdone, Lavon has increased fuel delivery by adding another AirDog II-4G to his list of aftermarket performance modifications. With the second AirDog system he has increased his fuel supply to support his growing horsepower. Now armed with double the AirDog II-4G fuel systems he has adequate fuel delivery and overall efficiency to meet any challenge the DPC can throw at him.

Rick Fox

This diesel contender is the epitome of perseverance. Fueled by a competitive spirit and a love for diesels, he has worked diligently to build this Cummins diesel into a powerhouse. His truck has been beefed up with turbo, tuning, suspension and many other mods, all of which are supported by the AirDog II-4G to perfect fuel delivery and provide optimal performance.

Finally, Hard Work Pays Off!

With a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 and some diesel know-how, Rick Fox has claimed the second place prize at the DPC. It has been a long road to victory for this DPC contender, but perseverance and dedication has paid off in a big way.

A Big Congrats to the Winners!

AirDog® wants to congratulate Lavon and Rick on their accomplishments this year. We look forward to celebrating your future wins!

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