Adrenaline Junkie? No, I AM a Diesel Enthusiast!

Every summer diesel enthusiasts gather at truck pulls, drag races, and backyard gatherings. The question on everyone’s mind- whose truck has the most power?

What exactly is the attraction of the diesel?

Diesel owners swear by these high powered trucks. Our economy is reliant on this industry alone for transportation of goods, and this sector is growing!

Power is the lure for most diesel enthusiasts and daily drivers. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading down the strip, driving to work, or hauling a boat down the interstate. Key to getting the job done rests in your trucks power capabilities.

Diesel trucks are significantly different from their gas cousins because they can provide some serious staying power. However, the true power of a diesel engine comes from the correct alignment of modifications, protection, and full on guts.

What Are You Doing To Get Power?


The Diesel aftermarket is booming with products to help you achieve your goal of increased horsepower. Chips, tuners, and air intake are great examples of power modifications. These mods are essential to beefing up the HP of a stock engine. The aftermarket modifications all work to increase horsepower by changing the inner workings of the diesel engine such as the computer or the internal process of combustion.


In the world of diesel, protection goes beyond security alarms. For a diesel truck, protection relates to fuel. A crucial element in lasting power is the quality of fuel delivery. In this sense there are two options.

Protection in Two Options
Long Term

Aftermarket fuel systems

The first option is to install an aftermarket fuel system. The AirDog® fuel system provides protection by creating more adequate fuel delivery and improved quality of fuel. In this form, protection means the removal of all contaminants at a 2 micron level. Virtually all contaminants that could harm injectors or truck components are permanently removed. The other side of protection is providing pure diesel fuel. The removal of contaminants increase the power of the fuel and add to the overall HP of the pick-up truck.

Check out this video to see how it works.

Short Term


Additives have found a mainstay on the market as quick fixes to prevent gelling, freezing, and to break up larger contaminates such as algae and dirt. This produces a somewhat immediate result, but only lasts as long as the tank. It is important to note that long term use is unknown.

 Full On Guts

A diesel is NOT a gasser that can be driven off the lot and will stall out under 100 thousand miles

Diesel trucks have a natural stamina. Diesel owners as a group tend to be resourceful and able to handle the maintenance and care that comes with truck ownership. This is important because the diesel pick-up requires full on guts from their owners. To maintain lasting power an understanding of proper modifications and protection is a must. But, do this right and reap the benefits of a truck that will be with you two hundred thousand miles down the road.

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