What is Performance?

Many think that power and performance are the same. Yes, they are often connected in ways that are hard to distinguish their differences. But, I assure you they are two separate properties of a diesel pickup truck.

Performance is the security of turning the ignition and knowing your 1 ton truck is going to rev into life. It is that unique quality of acceleration, force, and resilience that carries its owner through every mile of road.

The diesel truck is a fine tuned machine out performing and out living their gas cousins, all while providing security and dependability for their owners. However, the diesel truck is an investment. Owning one requires a significant amount of finesse. As diesel owners it is important to understand the critical components of performance.

Two Impacts of Diesel Performance

NUMBER 1: Fuel Quality

Fuel quality is a key component in performance. This element helps to provide dependability. The diesel pick up exceeds the power and performance of their gas engine counter parts. Why you ask? Diesel fuel naturally has more power than regular gasoline making it an obvious choice for daily drivers and enthusiasts. But, poor fuel quality can not only slow down a diesel pick up it can cause some serious damage to the internal components.

Fuel comes from a variety of sources, so it is hard to know when you are receiving poor quality diesel fuel. On the other hand, diesel contains naturally occurring contaminants that break down the power quality of fuel and make it extremely harmful.

NUMBER 2: Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery is the link to superior performance. Because the diesel is powered by a combustion engine it requires correct timing for air, fuel, and ignition. When one of these elements misfires or is delayed this throws off the system completely. This causes a lag in performance and can lead to stalling out or damage to internal parts.

Another part of fuel delivery is maintaining consistent pressure and fuel flow. Engine requirements fluctuate a great deal when it comes to pressure needs. Some injection pumps like the p-pump require a high pressure, usually around 30 psi. Others, like the Duramax engine maintain optimum performance at 8 psi.

Fuel Solutions

How can you effectively navigate the path to performance?

Aftermarket Fuel Systems, like the AirDog® II-4G, are a popular choice in the diesel community. They are better equipped to meet the demands of the engine, allowing superior performance to prevail. This aftermarket filtration system provides both quality fuel to the injection pump and maintains consistent pressure and fuel flow. The double filtration removes dirt, sediment, water and air at a 2 micron level. These systems were made to offer immediate results and maintain truck performance for the long haul.

Let’s Recap:

Fuel Quality is important to performance because
  • Leads to dependability
  • Helps safeguard truck components
Fuel Delivery is crucial for performance because
  • Diesels need correct timing
  • Consistent pressure is a requirement of your truck

An aftermarket lift pump like the AirDog® II-4G provides premium fuel delivery and filters out impurities at a 2 micron level. By providing a clean, consistent flow of diesel fuel to the injection pump there are no misfires or lags in the system and the engine meets its requirement for fuel.

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