The Greater Impact

Some days you need to stop and smell the roses. Other times you need to take a look around and realize what you are thankful for. But, today is the day to look at the impact you have made on the world and individual lives.

At PureFlow AirDog®, our pride takes many forms.

Serving the Diesel Industry since 1990

The AirDog® fuel system began with innovator Charlie Ekstam. His hope was to create a product that would improve the performance and power of the diesel engine. This product was unique to the market and surpassed all short term products that promised cleaner fuel. This system provided long term results by continuously filtering out contaminants and providing pure diesel fuel to the engine. In 1993, the first AirDog was introduced to the diesel community. Today, we take pride in serving diesel drivers in all their forms from the diesel enthusiast, daily driver, to the weekend warrior.

Business with a Heart

We are proud to be part of a non-profit organization. PureFlow AirDog is a subsidiary of Shares Inc. a non profit that helps disabled individuals. Our proceeds are invested into unique programs to allow these individuals to learn, grow, and become active members of our society. Shares Inc. is the heart of our company, giving us a purpose that goes beyond selling products.

Quality Standard & Customer Satisfaction

At AirDog we take quality and customer satisfaction seriously. It is our mission to create innovative products that help our customers achieve their automotive goals. To accomplish this we have taken many steps to ensure our customers are happy.

Quality Standard

First, we are one of few companies to be ISO certified. What does this mean for you? The ISO certification is given to businesses who continually improve their products. This rating pays close attention to the customer experience. It is our promise, to continue to bring you quality products by maintaining a high standard in manufacturing.

Customer Satisfaction

Not many people can say they are innovators even fewer can say that they save lives every day. We are proud to have saved diesel engines from poor fuel flow, clogged injectors, inadequate pressure, and poor performance. We continue to update our internal processes so that the customer is served with the most knowledgeable and friendly staff and our products exceed their expectations.


As a company we have many reasons to be proud. It is through our commitment to you that we have found success. We will continue create quality products that meet the needs of the diesel community. We would like to invite you to experience pure diesel fuel delivered by PureFlow AirDog.