BRRRRR…That Winter Chill!

The first signs of winter come when the thermostat plunges and five more minutes in bed are needed to avoid that sudden chill that comes from pulling off the covers.

So what about your diesel?

Winter can be a hard feat to manage for diesel fuel that tends to thicken or gel as temperatures drop. The first line of defense is winter fuel additives that pretreat diesel fuel providing reliable startups and better fuel economy.

Pretreat-The Additive Debate

Additives are one of the quick fixes to combat gelling fuel and freezing water in the winter. The challenge comes in identifying the right blend for your needs. Most diesel enthusiasts will argue the importance of lubricity, low or no alcohol content, and a boost in MPG for key qualities in a good additive.

There are some good options on the market today that will provide additional benefits to fuel and protect it against the harshness of winter. However, the most important factor when choosing an additive is choosing one that is relatively safe and gets the job done.

Besides, who wants to risk voiding their manufacturer’s warranty over a winter additive?

What are my options?

At AirDog®, we tend to agree with the diesel enthusiasts. The two mixes we recommend for winter use are Power Service-Diesel Fuel Supplement + Centane Boost and Howes Diesel Treat.

These winter additives offer three benefits we call, the diesel trinity. This rich mix of winter pretreatment benefits the diesel pick-up in three ways, increase lubricity, greater MPG, and no alcohol content.

Both are specially formulated for temperatures 30 and below. Their primary purpose is to be used as a pretreatment for gelling and freezing on diesel engines. An additional bonus, the manufacturer of both products state that using the product as recommended will NOT void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Power Service- Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost

o Winter pretreatment for temperatures 30 and below
o Prevents gelled and frozen lines
o Increase lubricity
o Greater MPG
o No alcohol content
o Use as directed will not void manufacture’s warranty

Howes Diesel Treat

o Winter Pretreatment for temperatures 30 and below
o Prevents gelled and frozen lines
o Increase lubricity
o Greater MPG
o No alcohol content
o Use as directed will not void manufacture’s warranty

Frozen Lines, What Happened to my Fuel?

No matter how hard you crank that truck isn’t moving.

It’s a common issue during the winter months you forgot to pretreat and the diesel in your lines has frozen. Now, your one ton power house is stuck- and going no where!

How does this affect your pick up?

Diesel fuel naturally contains water and particulates. When the water freezes it causes a block in the lines and filters and prevents fuel from reaching the injectors. Another element of fuel is particulates. These naturally occurring contaminants turn waxy as the temperature gets colder. This causes the fuel to become thick. In this state, the fuel has trouble making it through the lines at the pressure required by your engine. Leading to hard starts and a not so good morning.

You’re in luck! There is a solution

Power Service Diesel 911 is unique formula blended for a “winter emergency” when lines have frozen or gelled. This product can be used in conjunction with a pretreatment.  It works by liquefying and unfreezing the water and particulates in the fuel. The alcohol content can be a bit high which is not good for extended exposure. For best results always pretreat with a winter additive.

Power Service Diesel 911

o Use after lines are gelled or frozen
o Liquefies and unfreezes lines
o High alcohol content-minimize use if able