The First Defense Against Improper Fuel Delivery

The battle for effective fuel delivery continues. But, serving on the front lines is the DieselRx® Fuel Sump.  Manufactured with the highest quality it ensures long lasting fuel delivery and improved performance of diesel pick-up trucks.

The Importance of Fuel Delivery

The primary function of fuel is to provide power to the engine. Proper fuel delivery optimizes the engines capability for power output and enhances performance.

In order to obtain this, the fuel must be dispersed in the correct volume at exact pressure and timing required by the engine.

This delicate balance is often thwarted.

The Problem at Hand

Fuel Quality

Enemy number one is poor fuel quality. Diesel is contaminated with particulates, air, water, and sediment that cause a lagging in delivery of fuel to the engine. These contaminants also diminish the effectiveness of fuel. Often leading to a lag in injection timing and spray pattern disruption.

Another enemy is ineffective draw straws.

Draw Straws

The draw straw tends to be flawed by design. The technology behind the draw straw works against the law of gravity. This method of fuel delivery uses suction to lift fuel from the tank. Excessive suction leads to wear and tear on lift pumps and a pulling on the engine. Overall this makes the engine work much harder!

Improper installation is another cause for inefficient fuel delivery. This may boil down to the location of the draw straw or installing a draw straw that is too short. Ultimately, this will disrupt the delicate balance of fuel delivery by causing air to get into the system. Additionally, this will lead to wear and tear on truck components.

The Draw Straw Affects Fuel Delivery by:
  • Working against gravity to lift fuel from the tank
  • Causing excessive suction and wear and tear

What Happens When Fuel Delivery is Inefficient?

Improper fuel delivery affects every diesel. To truly transform the pick-up into that powerhouse, fuel delivery is crucial.

Quarter tank starvation is the primary fuel issue that affects diesel pick-up trucks. Quarter starvation occurs when the tank is low, fuel sloshes in the tank, or driving up and down hills. Basically, the draw straw is unable to pick up enough fuel and begins to suck air.

In an effort to meet engine demands the lift pump overcompensates. The adverse result is an excessive pulling as it tries to lift fuel from the tank. This will cause and wear and tear. Due to an inefficient volume of fuel provided to the engine the truck will stall out or die.

Inefficient fuel delivery leads to:
  • Quarter tank starvation
  • Hard starts
  • Stalling
  • Excessive pulling on the engine

The Reliable Ride

DieselRx® Fuel Sump Optimizing Fuel Delivery!

The DieselRx® Fuel Sump provides reliability and increased performance by promoting fuel efficiency. Overcoming the natural pitfalls of fuel delivery it provides a constant flow of fuel to an aftermarket lift pump.

It eliminates restrictions of the draw straw by working with gravity to pull fuel from the bottom of the tank. Ensuring the correct amount of fuel is being provided to the engine, every time!.

Plus, no more wasted fuel! The special design of the riveted plates allow all fuel in the tank to be collected by the DieselRx® Fuel Sump.

DieselRx® Fuel Sump is quality manufactured to endure the long haul- on the road and off!

  • Sump body and parts are crafted with Airplane Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Installation time takes under 1 hour
  • Installs on any diesel with a 4.5” diameter flange on a flat surface
To maximize your results, use with an AirDog® II-4G!