What Does it Feel Like to be the Elite on the Raceway?

It’s not just about speed. Eye trained on the Christmas tree, the seconds stretch out. Your heart races with anticipation.

Yellow, yellow, GO! –Green.

The throttle of the engine ignites power and skill as you accelerate into a wide open throttle. Tires grip the pavement. 800 horse kicks in powering the engine down the strip. 1300 pounds of torque propel the one ton powerhouse of steel and ingenuity forward.

Twenty will enter, but there will only be one winner.

A Look at the 2014 Competitive Season

Each year competitors and diesel enthusiasts gather to participate in the sport of diesel racing and pulls.   As the 2014 competitive season comes to an end, AirDog® would like to celebrate two individuals who mastered this year.

Phillip Palmer and Team Green

A Racing Legacy

When discussing the leaders of diesel racing, one would be amiss if they neglected to mention Phillip Palmer and Team Green. This team is a combination of Phillip and Stuckey’s Racing. Together this duo works to set new records and win championships on the raceway. Throughout their partnership they have converted a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 into a racing legacy.

On the track, Phillip Palmer drives with a practiced dedication that only a seasoned champion can master. For this team, perseverance and dedication are at the forefront to every victory. Off the track, this team leader works to motivate and encourage others in the field of diesel racing.  This commitment to helping others will set the tone for future generations.

Wins and Accomplishments

3 Time NHRDA World Champions on Pro Street
First to win consecutive back-to-back championships in NHRDA history (2011-2012)
First  Pro-Street to run in the 9’s
First Pro Street to run in the five’s in the 1/8th mile
First Pro Street to run in the eight second zone
Former National Record Holder Championships in NHRDA DHRA and NADM
Personal Best –   8.91 ET at 153 mph

Lavon Miller

The Competitor Spirit

Lavon Miller, owner of Firepunk Diesel LLC, is a part of the new generation of diesel competitors.  He has proven to be a fierce opponent and in recent years participated in many diesel events across the country. For the 2014 competitive season, Lavon claimed the coveted first place prize at countless events both local and nationally recognized. His first nationally recognized victory for 2014 occurred at the Diesel Power Challenge in Colorado.

What Is It About This Cummins?

This Dodge is a testament of Lavon’s innate skillfulness with all things diesel. The modified 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 is a fan favorite and continues to surpass expectations. It has been purposefully conditioned with a 6.7L engine to overcome the challenges of the week long Diesel Power Challenge and the climate of Colorado. It is this ability to adapt and execute that has allowed Lavon to win other national competitions.

Wins and Accomplishments

1st Place at Diesel Power Challenge 2014
1st Place on Dyno at Indiana Diesel Shootout (1242HP 2212.3TQ)
1st Pro Outlaw Class at Diesel Blackout Invasion (10.46@130.2)
Finals in 7.0 index at Scheid on Sunday (Race canceled due to rain)
1st Place King of Diesel, Friday Night Lightz
1st Place on Dyno at NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals

Attention: Pullers, Racers, and Diesel Enthusiasts!

AirDog® is offering a giveaway of the new AirDog® II-4G in honor of the participants and winners for the 2014 competitive season. For your chance to win, check out our ad in Diesel World magazine out on newsstands December 16th. Enter the special code on our website for your chance to win. To qualify, giveaway entries must be received by February 15th. Two winners will be picked February 18th.

We look forward to 2015 and a brand new year of record breakers and championships!