How to Lose 10 Grand in a Weekend on Bad Fuel

Everybody loves a good Vegas story. Well if you are expecting one I am sorry to disappoint. This post is dedicated to the diesel driver that lost 10 grand in...
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  • Diesel Rx Fuel Sump

The 2015 Diesel Rx Fuel Sump Giveaway!

Reliable Fuel Delivery From the Start Yes it is that time once again to celebrate the season of diesel with the 2015 Diesel Rx Fuel Sump Giveaway. One lucky winner...
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  • Lavon Miller and Rick Fox

Diesel Power Challenge 2015—Guts and Glory!

Two Times the Wins at the Diesel Power Challenge I live for the smell of diesel in the morning! It is day 1 of the Diesel Power Challenge and among...
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Celebrating AirDog® Pride 24/7

 The Greater Impact Some days you need to stop and smell the roses. Other times you need to take a look around and realize what you are thankful for. But,...
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  • 2014 Diesel Power Challenge Winner

Diesel Power Like NO Other

 Adrenaline Junkie? No, I AM a Diesel Enthusiast! Every summer diesel enthusiasts gather at truck pulls, drag races, and backyard gatherings. The question on everyone’s mind- whose truck has the...
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Diesel Performance Outlasting the Gassers

What is Performance? Many think that power and performance are the same. Yes, they are often connected in ways that are hard to distinguish their differences. But, I assure you...
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Diesel Fuel: The Winter Additives

BRRRRR…That Winter Chill! The first signs of winter come when the thermostat plunges and five more minutes in bed are needed to avoid that sudden chill that comes from pulling...
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  • DieselRx® Fuel Sump

Introducing the DieselRx® Fuel Sump

The First Defense Against Improper Fuel Delivery The battle for effective fuel delivery continues. But, serving on the front lines is the DieselRx® Fuel Sump.  Manufactured with the highest quality it ensures long...
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2014 Competitive Season & Giveaway

What Does it Feel Like to be the Elite on the Raceway? It’s not just about speed. Eye trained on the Christmas tree, the seconds stretch out. Your heart races with anticipation. Yellow,...
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AirDog® Celebrates Success

Winning with the AirDog® II-4G The next generation in the fuel delivery system is officially on the market. Already, the AirDog® II-4G has been received with a warm response in the...
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